Seminar On Slavery
2002 Presentations
July 21
Opening Reception


July 22
Welcome to Stratford
Col. Tom Taylor

   Archaeology at Stratford 
Doug Sanford

Laws of Slavery
Phil Schwarz

July 23
West Africa 
Robert Watson

Caribbean Slavery 
Bernard Moitt

National Law of Slavery
Melvin Urofsky

Seminarian Library Work

July 24
Slave Narratives
Norrece Jones

Women in Slavery
Sara Hughes

Enslaved Families
Edna Medford

July 25

Edward Tarr
Turk McCleskey

Great House Walk-About
Camile Wells

Slavery Overview
Phil Morgan

July 26-27

Williamsburg Trip


July 29
Monticello in the Classroom
Dianne Swann-Wright

Industrial Slavery
Charles Dew


                   July 30

         Gabriel's Plot - Richmond, 1800
                       Phil Schwarz

Nat Turner's Revolt

                       Scott French

Jefferson and Sally Hemings -

                 Annette Gordon-Reed
July 31

Richmond, Virginia Tour

August 1

Enslaved African Americans at Mt. Vernon
                  Dennis Pogue 

             Dangerfield Newby
                  Phil Schwarz

August 2

Legacy Speaker
Rex Ellis